Solar is More Accessible Than Ever



A local resident or business subscribes to a percentage of the solar farm based on their electric usage.


The solar farm generates electricity into the local grid, producing bill credits which are distributed to members.


Each month members of the project receive the credits on their electric bills, reducing their electricity charges.

All the Benefits, None of the Hassles

Community Solar allows homeowners, renters, municipalities, and businesses to easily participate in solar regardless of their ability to install a solar array on their own property. 

  • Open to homeowners, renters, apartment dwellers, offices, businesses, non-profits, and municipalities

  • Guaranteed Savings on Your Electric Bill

  • No Panels on Your Roof or Property

  • No Maintenance Required

  • Local Renewable Energy

2 Ways to Participate


Subscribe to the solar power. Easy.

  • Guaranteed Savings on Your Electric Bill

  • No Upfront Fees or Deposits

  • Ability to Move and Retain Membership

  • Inclusive and Flexible

  • No Cancellation Fees


Own the solar panels. No roof required.

  • Same Financial Benefits as Rooftop Solar

  • Eligible for Federal Solar Tax Credits

  • More Affordable Than Rooftop Solar

  • Greatest Long-Term Savings

  • Financing Options Available

Frequently Asked Questions


How Much Can I Save?

- You can offset up to 100% of your electric kWh charges. A community solar subscription will save you approximately 10% on your electric rate charges. Owning solar panels within a community solar farm will offer even greater savings.

How Do I See My Savings?

- The solar project generates electricity throughout the year, and each month, members will receive their portion of the electricity in the form of bill credits which will offset charges on their electric bill. After the credits offset your electric bill, subscribers pay DRS for the credits at a discount, while panel owners enjoy the credits at no additional cost.

Do I Still Get Power From the Utility?

- Yes, your current electric service will not be interrupted and you will still receive your electricity from the utility as you do now.

Does Community Solar Benefit the Local Communities?

- Yes! In addition to providing local jobs and financial savings on community member's electricity bills, DRS's projects benefit the local communities financially through additional property taxes that go to the local towns, counties, and school districts. 

Community Solar reduces the amount of energy generated from coal and natural gas plants, improving our local air quality and health.

Who Can Participate in Community Solar?

- Homeowners, renters, non-profits, and businesses with an active utility account can participate. Participating members must be located in the same utility territory and same NYISO load zone as the solar farm. Fill out a form on the sign-up page to find out if there is an available community solar project in your area.