Invite Your Friends to Go Solar!

Give a friend 10% off their electric rate, you earn a $10 gift card.

Over and over again!

How It Works

1   Sign up for the DRS waiting list

  • If you are not already signed up for the waiting list, click the sign up tab on top of the page and reserve your spot for a Community Solar subscription. There is no contract to sign or hard commitment at this time.
  • If you are already on the waiting list, great! You can start referring friends right away.

2  Refer friends and neighbors

  • Tell your friends about how they can sign up for a community solar project and save 10% off their NYSEG electric rate on their 1st year of service.
  • You receive awards for every individual NYSEG account you refer (many people have multiple NYSEG accounts)
  • All they have to do is reserve a spot on the waiting list, no contracts to sign at this time!


3  $10 Amazon gift card for                 every account you refer

  • When you refer accounts to the DRS waiting list, you receive a $10 Amazon gift card for every eligible account referred.
  • Eligible accounts are considered active NYSEG accounts with a minimum kWh usage of 1,000 kWh's over the last 12 months (not much) and are located within eligible service zones.

Get Started Below

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