Governor Cuomo Announces Completion of Largest Community Solar Project in New York State


It's official! Delaware River Solar has the state's largest community solar project! The company's project in Sullivan County, a 2.7-megawatt solar array, was recognized this week by Governor Andrew Cuomo as the state's largest and a crucial part of the state's alternative energy efforts. 

"This Sullivan County project will deliver energy savings to residents throughout the Mid-Hudson Valley region, while supporting the establishment of a cleaner, greener New York for all," Cuomo said. 

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Solar Farm Set to Go Online, Help Chemung River Friends


Delaware River Solar's Baldwin Solar Farm, located near the Town of Chemung, got a recent visit from the Steuben Courier Advocate. The farm will serve 400 homes in the area. 

As Sean Hutton, Field Operations Manager with Solstice, an organization that assists homeowners with connecting to community solar arrays, told the paper, "That’s 400 homes that don’t need to be fueled by natural gas (and other fossil fuels)."

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Community Solar Shines Light on Alternative Energy Benefits

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The Catskill Mountain News caught up with Delaware River Solar's Cindy Menges to talk about why we put such an emphasis on community. 

"We’re in the community, and for those we don’t live in, we travel to regularly," she told the News' Eddie Donoghue. "Our whole team is traveling across the state to board meetings, we have a weekly schedule of who’s going where. Part of our whole purpose as a company is not only to bring renewable energy but to do it in a positive way and in a way the communities we work with are comfortable with."

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